[Question] 8x 3090 vs 10x A5000

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[Question] 8x 3090 vs 10x A5000

guys, I need some hard truths here — I'm buying a batch of gpus to solely mine with. I currently have two offers, either 8x RTX 3090 from Inno3D, or 10x RTX A5000 from PNY. both batches will put me at 960 MH/s and cost the same. what I'm considering is, one option is a 3090, gaming-oriented, from a brand I don't really know of as high quality, and another, the A5000, is catering to the professional sector, and that leads me to believe it's built to last longer and built under stricter quality control, however I've never heard of PNY before, because I was never in the market for Quadros, but only ever dealt with GeForce.

  1. am I even correct with thinking the PNY A5000 is better built than the Inno3D 3090 and will last longer? I've been told that gaming-oriented cards put to mining tend to degrade in performance after 1-2 years, and may have vram issues, etc., whereas the Quadros are built to last
  2. after optimization, the A5000 draws less power (180w vs 3090's 285w), and even if I get two extra A5000 to match the 3090's hashrate, it still comes out 300-400w lower for the whole rig, HOWEVER, I currently run with just one 2080 ti, which is supposed to do 57 MH/s on Ethash at 180w, but I'm getting 70 and even 80 MH/s at the 180w, and so I'm wondering maybe the advertised 120 MH/s for the 3090 is the same case? maybe I'll hit 130 and 140 with it? on that same note, the A5000 (or Quadros in general) cannot be overclocked at all, and I've read that they're fairly sensitive to thermal fluctuations, whereas the gaming cards are more lenient with that sort of thing
  3. finally, there's the matter of being to sell the cards if shit hits the fan. it'll probably be a lot easier for me to find a buyer for a 3090 than it will for an A5000, however, if that point comes a year or two down the line, will the 3090 even be in a condition to be resold? or will they've turned to mush by then?


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