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Mobile web3 browsers with Ledger support

Is there a mobile web3 wallet with hardware support on Ethereum? I know Solana has solflare, but does Ethereum have anything equivalent? Metamask has been "working on it" for a while now it looks like judging by their GitHub thread but it's still not supported. I'd really appreciate the ability to access my locked funds…
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New Findings Shows Institutional Investors Take More Interest In Ethereum

As the launching of the long-awaited Ethereum upgrade, Merge, approaches, there’s a spike in institutional investment. Ethereum products are receiving more attention from big-shot investors. Though there is no stated period for the Merge, most developers anticipate the upgrade by September 19. However, most Ethereum derivatives are getting more investment deals as the final phase details are revealed. James Butterfill, the Head of Research of CoinShares, stated that investors’ sentiment for Ethereum products is changing. Butterfill made this known in the latest edition of Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly Report. He noted that the sudden intensity and desire from the investors is due to the Merge approach. According to the report, most institutional investors make preferential investments in Ethereum products. Hence they are pushing in more funds as they believe in the great possibility of the Ethereum network. To them, upgrading the global second largest cryptocurrency would create a more positive and profitable impact. Due to the change in sentiment, the report noted that Ethereum had seen more inflows amounting to about $16 million. This resulted in a seven-week pattern of inflows that accumulated up to $159 million. Related Reading: SOL Makes Another Shot At $44, After Two Failed Attempts This Week So, Butterfill reports that the change in the investors’ sentiment signifies more clarity with the Merge’s timing. This would create the desired transition for the Ethereum network as it moves from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Ethereum blockchain has been operating with a PoW consensus mechanism for its transaction validation and security of its network. Unfortunately, this involves using the mining process that consumes more energy or electricity. But the Merge would transform the system of operation for the blockchain. First, it would start using the more energy-efficient staking process that requires the staking of ETH tokens. Plan For Ethereum Merge Has Been A Tough One The plan for the shift has been delayed for several months. But as the date for the launch approaches, Ethereum proponents are having their fun-filled season. The journey has taken several rough routes that include changes in roadmaps, ambiguous terminology, and, lastly, the recent opposition to the Merge. On the part of its founder, Vitalik Buterin, he kept announcing all the possible hard forks to the transition. This action is an excellent advantage for any PoW blockchain that may opt for a change in the future. However, some prominent personalities in the industry don’t mind a hard fork. For example, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, pledged the listing of both ETHs and ETHw tokens on his Poloniex exchange. Also, BitMEX revealed its support for any ETHPoW fork. Once it finally happens, it will link the Ethereum mainnet and the Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain for a complete transition to PoS. Hence, Ethereum 2.0 would receive increased efficiency and security in its execution of transactions.’ Related Reading: Cardano Tests $0.51 Support – Can ADA Reach Safe Zone And Hit $0.67? Also, there would be a drastic reduction of carbon emission into the environment by over 99% as the network become energy efficient. This was one of the main criticisms against Ethereum as a PoW network. Featured image from Pixabay, Chart from

Bitcoin’s Mathematical Monetary Policy Is Far More Predictable Than Gold and Fiat Currencies

This past April, records show that 19 million bitcoins have been mined into existence and 133 days later, there are 1.88 million bitcoins left to mint today. The network’s block subsidy halving is expected to occur on or around April 20, 2024, as there are less than 91,000 bitcoins left to mine until that point. […]

Crypto Biz: A Futurist take on crypto

The 2022 Blockchain Futurist conference in Toronto, Canada wrapped up this week. DeFi and institutional adoption of crypto were high on the agenda.

After the day of the merge, what will happen to the contracts that haven’t been updated since a long time (inclduing e.g. updates to work with new metamask, much less to work with 2.0)? Will they stop working?

Some contracts haven't been updated in a looooong time. Some websites dont even work with the "new" metamask. What will happen to them after the 2.0 merge? will they still work? will you need to do some tweaking to interact with them? will they be part of the 'legacy' ethereum that will still work? …
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What can a light node fully do?

So, i have a Raspberry Pi lying around, and i want to run an eth node on it, i don’t have enough storage to run the full node (only 64gb) but i want to fetch data from the blockchain like, nft metadata, token functions etc, without relying on services like Alchemy or Infura, is it…
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Bitcoin Bearish Signal: Whales With 1k-10k BTC Depositing To Exchanges

On-chain data shows Bitcoin exchange inflows from whales holding between 1k to 10k BTC have spiked up recently, a sign that can be bearish for the price of the crypto. Bitcoin Exchange Inflows Spike Up Following Rally Above $24k As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, the BTC whales with between 1k to 10k BTC seem to have sent a large stack to exchanges recently. The “exchange inflow” is an indicator that measures the total amount of Bitcoin being transferred to wallets of all centralized exchanges (both spot and derivatives). When the value of this metric spikes up, it means a large number of coins are being deposited to exchanges right now. Depending on how many of these are being moved to spot exchanges, such a trend can be bearish for the price of BTC as investors usually send to these exchanges for selling purposes. Related Reading: Bitcoin aSOPR Fails Retest Of Historical Bull-Bear Junction On the other hand, low values of the indicator suggest there is little selling going on in the market at the moment. Therefore, this kind of trend can be neutral or bullish for the value of the coin. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin all exchanges inflows over the last few days: The value of the metric seems to have spiked up recently | Source: CryptoQuant As you can see in the above graph, the Bitcoin all exchanges inflows have registered large values during the last couple of days. The latest spike has come shortly after the BTC price surged above $24k. The chart actually shows a modified version of the indicator, called the “exchange inflow – spent output value bands,” which tells us what contribution to the total inflows is coming from each of the different sized holders in the market. Related Reading: Is The Bitcoin Surge Due To An External Reason? What The Data Suggests It looks like the investors holding 1k to 10k BTC had an especially large movement to exchanges in the last two days. Holders belonging to this group are the whales, so the current trend can suggest whales may be planning to dump right now. However, as mentioned earlier, the indicator takes into account inflows for both spot and derivatives exchanges. A large part of the latest inflows went to the derivatives exchanges, which implies whales may have been hedging against their spot positions. Nonetheless, a sizeable part of the total inflows did go to spot exchanges, so some selling may still be going on in the market from these whales. BTC Price At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price floats around $23.8k, up 2% in the past week. Looks like the value of the crypto has come down during the past day | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView Featured image from Thomas Bonometti on, charts from,

Is Regulation Required for DeFi to Provide Banks to the Unbanked?

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Guide on how to use Tornado Cash on IPFS

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Uzbekistan blocks access to foreign crypto exchanges over unregistered trading

The national regulator urges the industry players to comply with the local legislation.