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Ethereum: Best Long Term Altcoin to Hold in 2021 (& Always)

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Understanding delegatecall And How to Use It Safely

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Bitcoin price hints at 'megaphone' bottom pattern, and a breakout toward $40K

The megaphone-shaped pattern reflects growing disagreement between investors over the next Bitcoin trend bias.

Radeon R9 Fury Hashrate

For any of you who know maybe how, my fury gets around 12 mh/s stock. How do I get it up to the 17 it can claim to go to? submitted by /u/Zooo04 [link] [comments]

The Bankless BED Index Composition: 33% Bitcoin, 33% Ethereum, 33% DeFi.

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After Barclays and Santander, UK Bank Natwest Blocks Payments to Binance

A major high street bank in the U.K., Natwest, has blocked payments to crypto exchange Binance. Natwest’s decision came after two other major British banks — Barclays and Santander — made a similar move to block fund transfers to Binance. The banks acted in response to a warning on the cryptocurrency exchange by the U.K.’s […]

Share Reject question.

What is a normal reject rate? This is my first time having a long uptime and so therefore I'm curious what most see reject wise during long runs? I would assume some rejects would be had over long run times for various reasons. Right now I have 4289 accepted and 7 rejected over a 3Day…
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Mining post ETH

What do you think will happen once ETH merges? My guess is that everyone will start mining ravencoin as it's the most profitable, obviously. My problem with that is it won't be people buying the coin but they will be selling it. TLDR; Will all the new ETH miners mining on the RVN network and…
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I invested $2,500 in Sept 2017, here are the results.

I didn't know too much about crypto at the time of buying them. I didn't do any trading or anything, just bought, and let it sit in my wallet. I just figured if I bought anything, the prices would eventually go up. I had this money sitting in my bank account for years and it…
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Ethereum 2.0 Chain Merge Proposal Gets Formal Approval

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