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These were the 5 hottest coins on Twitter last week — And their price dynamics

Data shows that spikes in Twitter mentions preceded price peaks in three of last week’s five most discussed altcoins.

NYC Mayor Adams to receive first paycheck in cryptocurrency Friday

Mayor Adams previously said he would be accepting his first three paychecks, or $97,000 annualized, in cryptocurrency

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Stresses Crypto Trading Platforms Must Be Regulated to Ensure Investor Protection

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is focusing on bringing cryptocurrency exchanges “inside the investor protection remit,” Chairman Gary Gensler has revealed. “If the trading platforms don’t come into the regulated space, it’d be another year of the public being vulnerable,” he stressed. SEC Focusing on Regulating Crypto Exchanges The chairman of the U.S. […]

Stablecoin Shakeup: USD Coin Overtakes Tether on Ethereum

The stablecoin market has undergone a shakeup as USD Coin (USDC) has overtaken USD Tether (USDT) on the Ethereum blockchain. USD Coin Supply On Ethereum Is Now More Than Tether As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, USDC has now become the largest stablecoin on the ETH chain, surpassing USDT. A “stablecoin” is a type of crypto token that has its value tied to a fiat currency. Due to this fact, these coins don’t suffer from much volatility, hence their name. Though it must be mentioned that their value isn’t actually fixed, any depreciation or appreciation in fiat carry over to them by nature. These coins can be minted on many blockchains, but the Ethereum chain has been the most popular option for it since years now. Tether and USD Coin are two of the biggest stablecoins in the market right now. And while USDC supply has overtaken USDT on the ETH network, USDT is still the largest fiat token overall, Here is a chart that shows how the supply of the two biggest stablecoins on Ethereum has changed over the past year: Looks like USDC has enjoyed sharp growth in the second half of the year | Source: The Arcane Research Weekly Update – Week 2 As you can see in the above graph, USD Coin has just surpassed the supply of Tether on the Ethereum blockchain. Related Reading | Solo Ethereum Miner Hits The Jackpot With 170 ETH For Mining A Block Over the course of 2021, USDC’s supply grew three times faster than USDT’s. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been the main push behind this growth of the coin. In USDT’s case, the driver behind its growth has been centralized exchanges and institutions. This is why the graph for Tether’s supply shows it moving up in big steps; these organizations usually mint these coins in large bursts. Related Reading | Bitcoin Implied Volatility Plummets To Pre-Bull Market Levels: What This Means On the other hand, USD Coin’s supply curve has a more natural growth to it because of crypto traders using it for DeFi. The report predicts that USDC will surpass USDT to become the biggest stablecoin overall in 2022 as its growth has been much faster recently. ETH Price At the time of writing, Ethereum’s price floats around $3.1k, down 3% in the last seven days. Over the past month, the crypto has lost 20% in value. The below chart shows the trend in the price of ETH over the last five days. ETH’s price seems to have plunged in the last few days | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView Ethereum has been in consolidation for a while now, as has been most of the crypto market. At the moment, it’s unclear when the coin may be able to escape from this sideways movement. Featured image from, charts from, Arcane Research

Which is the best and cost effective way to swap coins ?

Guys , am a hardcore HODLER , so I been mining coins and HODLing them , so lately I came across a lot of coins and projects which am very much interested in , just that they arnt pow coins , but POS or so , so I can't really mine them So I thought…
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Ravencore stuck on syncing

Hi. My ravencore has been stuck 99.83% for almost 2 days. Happened to anyone / any ideas what to do? submitted by /u/Plenty_Job9077 [link] [comments]

Ganache 7 Ethereum Simulator – Building on Web3 is now easier and faster than ever before

submitted by /u/Crypto_Actuary [link] [comments]

SEC rejects Skybridge's application for spot Bitcoin ETF

The commission rejected a rule change allowing listing and trading shares of the First Trust SkyBridge Bitcoin ETF Trust, citing similar reasons for disapproving Bitcoin spot ETFs from VanEck in November and WisdomTree in December.

Shall we call it Skynet? 😋

All these gazillions of etherum connections spreading across the world, it strikes me that it's remarkably like a giant brain, with all it's neuro connections. Are we, in fact at the beginnings of building the biggest Artificial Intelligence system the world has ever seen? A force for good.. perhaps? submitted by /u/PeterShitPeas [link]…
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