If They Want to Ban it, *THEN YOU SHOULD BUY IT*

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If They Want to Ban it, *THEN YOU SHOULD BUY IT*

Edit: Catchy title obviously references crypto … not black tar heroin.
Some good lolz in comments tho – reducto ad absurdum style.

There's a lot of reasons why many have avoided Monero. And although it has much respect from most of the community, people are still hesitant. They're afraid it'll get banned or regulated out of existence. Afraid they'll get put on the terror watch list (half /joke). Afraid it won't go up in price.

I could give a dissertation on why these risks are fairly minor (elsewhere I have); but instead, for the sake of argument let's even concede those risks and go from there. So okay, pretend we see major exhanges delist XMR. Govts flag you as a person of interest. And the price stagnates.

This is all the more reason to own and support Monero

I don't know about you, but when the govt suppresses an idea who's time has come, I fight even harder. Obviously those ideas are a threat to their monopolistic ambitions; so if they ban or threaten to ban Monero, then obviously we're on to something important.

Perhaps even more important than madgainz, is holding an asset the govt can't censor, at least not at the protocol level. The whole point is to build and use technology that makes their censorship irrelevant. And with atomic swaps just months away, we're closer than ever.

I don't know about you, but I didn't get into crypto so that I can be a bitch to obeying what money the govt says I'm allowed to own or use. They want to ban encryption?? Fuck them, I'll encrypt all my devices. They want to ban BitTorrent?? Fuck them, I'll use a VPN/Tor/I2P and download what I want. They want to tell me what kind of scientific/political opinions I'm allowed to have on social media?? Fuck them I'll embrace their label as an "extremist" and join alternative platforms.

You should allocate at some percenatage to XMR (held in your own wallet), precisely because those risks are non-zero. Because if freedom, censorship resistance, and challenging their monopoly on money are more than just talking points, then we ought to put our money where our mouth is.

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