saved my arse

Cryptocurrency News and Public Mining Pools saved my arse

So yesterday I decided to transfer some of my ETH portfolio to so I can earn some interest on it. I went ahead and swapped ETH to XLM and began the transfer. It's usually a quick process, copy thee wallet address, write down the memo address. (Can't copy 2 things at once on mobile). This is where shit got fucked. A few minutes after initiating the transfer I got that nasty feeling in my stomach, as I kept refreshing my wallet and nothing was coming in. To me by no means was this a small amount of money, not saying I needed it for anything, but it would still hurt to lose such amount. I went and double checked the address and memo I put in and noticed I had written the memo incorrectly by 1 digit. Fuck. Me. Ive read many stories of people losing money in similar fashion, so right away I considered the money lost, until I met the GOD-SENT support chat. I gave them a screenshot of the transaction and explained what had happened and I received a pretty reassuring reply saying they may be able to retrieve it, so I went to bed. I wake up this morning and see my XLM is in my wallet. It was like waking up on Christmas morning. For real though shoutout and their support team!They pulled through for me when I thought everything was lost. Waking up to the UFC news was also pretty exciting. At this rate they may take over Binance and

TLDR; Always quadruple check your wallet address (and memos) before transferring or sending crypto and if a mistake is made DONT BE AFRAID TO REACH OUT TO YOUR EXCHANGE. They may be able to help


ON MOBILE it clears everything on crypto.coms app if you switch between apps to copy and paste the address then the memo id. Real annoying, and that was basically the reason any of this happened in the first place. Annoying bug, but they took care of me. Does that mean they paid me to write this? FUCK. NO.

If you're gonna jump to conclusions you should meet my ex. You'll have a lot in common, I guarantee it 😉

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