I accidentally DCA’d for several years and made .086 BTC without even knowing it

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I accidentally DCA’d for several years and made .086 BTC without even knowing it

First heard about BTC somewhere around 2012 and bought in for the first time in late 2013. Unfortunately no rags to riches story- I made all the usual mistakes including selling more than half a bitcoin for maybe $40 in 2014.

One of the things I bought with the money however was tradable Team Fortress 2 items- primarily Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys. Over time I bought, sold and traded items on TF2 to some success and had a fun time earning a few bucks with my spare time. Somewhen in the year after I discovered a site, still live to this day, where I could passively sell Steam community items for BTC. I listed several TF2 Keys, some tradable games and even some CSGO and Dota 2 items after that launched for sale- all at staggered prices so in case they became more valuable on the Steam market I'd probably make a couple more pennies- ha!

After moving on with my life I managed to nearly completely forget about TF2 and Steam in general and even gave up gaming after my GPU died a horrendous death, but while browsing reddit a couple months ago I discovered a post about CSGO trading and after a short trip down memory lane I eventually found the one I'd used years ago was both still alive and in operation.

I logged in in February and found my BTC ledger at 0.08622294- I'd unknowingly been DCAing over the years by selling, mostly TF2 keys, to people for BTC as the market price for both TF2 Keys and BTC went up and down. The only things that hadn't sold were some copies of The Darkness II and The Bureau which I presumably priced too high, and a few CSGO keys and some emoji's I hadn't listed. After a painful 1% fee my coins are now comfortably in cold storage.

I know these stories are a dime a dozen and mine isn't huge but it's still significant to me and I wanted to share it. It's a pleasant silver lining and a moral for the story of DCAing, which I feel is important now. And who knows, maybe someone else remembers selling Steam items for crypto years ago.

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