PSA: 90% of NFTs will be worthless in ten years

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PSA: 90% of NFTs will be worthless in ten years

How many paintings or works of art have we kept from five decades ago?

How many of these pieces of art are actually worth something today?

The thing about art is that unless people remember your art – unless it takes up space in their heads – it will be worthless to them.

Occasionally you could find a really cool NFT that just has that special quality and people will want to buy it just to have it.

But the chances the NFT you're buying is that NFT are slim to none. You'd better be very sure the NFT you're buying is as special as you think it is.

Because in ten years, if people cannot remember a piece of art, recognize it and experience emotions because of it, it will most likely be worthless.

And that's fine if you're just looking to collect. But if you want to profit from NFTs, you need to find pieces that evoke emotion and as a result stay with you. That is no easy task.

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