Identifying a scammer who has stolen millions

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Identifying a scammer who has stolen millions

{A friend asked me to post this to protect his identity}

Alright first, I just want to say that Reddit is very much interesed in keeping the scammer's identities hidden. My previous post were removed because I disclosed the scammer's identity.

Does everyone WANT to get scammed? Here I am trying to bring him to justice and my posts get removed due to some stupid rules. Anyway, now, I will be telling you exactly how to figure his identity out yourself. If the scammer is reading this, he's probably laughing at me.

No wonder a decentralized message board platform is desperately required.

This person has been involved in fraud amounting to multiple millions.

Initially, I came across this website: Knowing it was a pre-sale scam, I ran metadata analysis on each file using The litepaper displayed the name “XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX” as the author.

To prove that I did not alter the original documents, please check the link below, download the litepaper and run exiftool on it.

Web Archive:

Amount he’s currently hoarding to steal:

At time of writing, it holds over 24000 dollars. Once withdrawn, the addresses where he received the money can be seen under “Internal Tnxs”.

Head to:

You’ll see someone accusing him of being involved in scam.

Web archive:

Here he withdrew near about 3500 BNBs:

Both the websites are an exact replica. And running metadata analysis, you can see that both websites were originally designed by a certain developer called M_Adnan whose code from was used for illegal use.

I urge all crypto trading platforms to freeze his assets. Currently he’s involved in another project


He has publicly stated in Linkedin that he's involved in moonvest network, so putting its whitepaper through exiftool shows the exact same author “XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX” and both the whitepapers look exactly the same.

Report him to the authorities: USCIS, FTC, SEC, FBI, Seattle Police, all crypto trading platforms, Amazon(his employer), etc.

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