First time using ETH (Uniswap) and I hated it

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First time using ETH (Uniswap) and I hated it

Hey just did my first ever transaction with ETH and it was everything else than enjoyable.

First bought some ETH lost my first $8 there. Went to uniswap swaped them into Yieldly (YLDY) took around 5min and did lose another $5.

Then time to bridge them over to another Blockchain. Because I thought I will swap as much as possible I was left with 4 Gwei Gas fee. Alright it says Average Transaction currently is 4 Gwei will take around 6min lets do it. Sadly will be another $3 in total but lets do it.

Well ther I was starring at my screen and seeing the time go by. 25 Minutes later I was already thinking thinks fu.. complety up, I suddenly get the confirmation transaction completed. Had a look and yes Yieldly tranfered, just sitting here in relief that nothing is lost.

Ok lets Stake it on Yieldly. Well three clicks later all done and another 5 Secounds later everythink is transfered. No worries that my coins are lost and barely any cost involed in the transfer either.

I know POS for ETH planned and comming out but what the fu… How can you guys (and girls) really enjoy using ETH. I'm not sure how much money I in total lost during that transactions and I don't really want to know.

For sure that experience is for me enough to stay away from ETH. It's not for me and I guess there are many other people (especially new people) that will have the same experience like me.

I'm just sitting here now and I'm not even happy that everythink went through I'm just shocked and have so many question why ETH has even made it so far.

Edit: Because many think it's just about the gas fees I'm complaining, it's more about the whole experience. Not knowing if I fucked something up, if my transaction is stuck forever and how complicated it was. I'm just not sure why nearly everyone tells new people to invest in ETH, that experience was a total turn off for me in the near future.

Edit2: Because I got told in the comments I shill a coin I removed that part. The Orignal Part is still visible in the comments.

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