Did you know you could have made almost $5,000 worth of moons with a single post in their early days of moons? I analyzed the top 1,000 posts on this sub to see which ones earned the most

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Did you know you could have made almost $5,000 worth of moons with a single post in their early days of moons? I analyzed the top 1,000 posts on this sub to see which ones earned the most

Retrospectively, the early days of moons were crazy. I wasn't around back then, but the moons-to-karma ration was really high, and there was no cap how much moons one could earn on a single post or in a single round. That means, a single post could earn you a ton of moons – which you could have sold for a ton of money if you held them for a few months!

So I wondered: what's the most valuable post on this sub? I scraped the top 1,000 posts, added the karma ratios of each month (I use data by u/IHaventEvenGotADog) and considered the rules that were in place in each round. In the table below, you can see the top 10 posts, according to my calculations, got the most moons in the past, as well as the top post of every round that didn't make the top 10. As a cap of 1,000 karma per post was introduced in round 11, a lot of posts reached that threshold in every round since then, so I only include the maximum number of moons per post for these. I had to assume that all karma was collected in the same period the post was posted, so the real moon numbers will be sightly off.

post user round karma moons
Ransomware Gang Demands $42M or it Releases Trump’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ TommyDyatlov 1 5,223 46,359
When I hear my friend is buying shitcoins again. MagoCryptoUnstoppable 2 3,325 44,564
Someone stole a Bitcoin ATM and tried to get the coins out. slywalkersGold 1 4,168 36,995
For newcomers: Bill, we don't forget… alvarosb 3 4,373 36,820
When you show your friend your 0.1 ETH portfolio nanooverbtc 2 2,683 35,960
Peter Schiff’s son just bought even more bitcoin nanooverbtc 5 4,082 34,664
Well, that's one way of putting it CoinwermStinky 3 4,042 34,033
J. K. Rowling is an Etherean 🦄 aesthetik_ 1 3,741 33,205
What we expected: cryptocurrency would normalize and become more like the stock market alvarosb 2 2,407 32,261
I hodl from 2017 arijitdasGold 2 2,376 31,845
Who remembers this? lol installeris 6 3,698 24,536
$VIEWS Dev stole my design BewinxedTin2 4 2,958 21350
Reminder: Robinhood blocked several stocks from being bought. jackvilles 10 28,086 14,436
Potentially one of the biggest news stories in crypto history, Andrew Yang rumored to be named secretary of commerce Chubkajipsnatch 7 4,573 12,790
[Megathread] Bitcoin surpasses $20,000, setting another all-time high SamsungGalaxyPlayer 8 3,858 8,873
Bought My First ETH at $2. Finally Fully Out of the Game. FollowMe22 9 7,405 6,479
Various 12 457
Various 11 423
Various 13 238
Various 14 207

That's crazy, right? The top post of all times, with more than 50k upvotes, got 238 moons for it, a post with 5k upvotes (which, of course, was harder to reach as the sub had less users), received 46k moons.

So how much money are these top posts worth? Well, that depends on the moon price of course. While that peaked at almost $0.5, it did so for a very short time and due to the low moon volume it would have been impossible to sell a lot at that price. Let's consider $0.1 a realistic price, as moons were above that a few times and one could have sold moons over a couple of days at that price without crashing the price. Considering that, the #1 post on that list – which is just a link to an article, could have been worth $4636 if that OP sold at that price. Not bad for posting a link!

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