My daily crypto staking rewards are paying me more than my job!

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My daily crypto staking rewards are paying me more than my job!

Now, I know what you're probably thinking: "You need a better paid job." And you may have a point!

But anyway, thanks to staking various cryptos, the passive income I'm currently receiving from those staking rewards is actually exceeding the income I get from my main job, which I think is pretty incredible.

Despite making my first crypto purchase in mid 2017, whenever I heard people in here mention the word "staking" I always felt as if that was something too technical for me and that I'd risk losing all my money, so I didn't even look into it, or start staking anything, until the end of 2020 when I bought my first ADA. Turns out it was all really simple. Even your grandma could do it.

I know most people here are already very familiar with the concept of staking crypto to earn passive income. But if you're new, or like me you're more of a non-techy person, and you've heard of staking but never given it a try because you thought it sounded intimidating, perhaps consider taking a look into it. There are plenty of helpful people in this sub and in coin specific subs who can help to guide you through the process (of course take all the usual crypto security precautions when recieving help from strangers on the internet). I'm not saying you're going to earn enough to quit your job, but even if it's just a few extra dollars sats a month, it all adds up and might end up being worth a lot more than you imagined a few years down the line.

Edit: Was requested for more details. Current staking rewards are approximately $50 per day, most of which is from Osmo, Atom and ADA.

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