And this is why we need younger leaders, not dinosaurs

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And this is why we need younger leaders, not dinosaurs

El Salvador Legislature Indicates Favor Toward President’s Bitcoin Bill

The government would also create a trust that would enable the “instantaneous convertibility of bitcoin to dollars,” the bill said.

According to report, bill includes following:

Goods may be priced in bitcoin Tax may be paid in bitcoin Bitcoin transactions will not face a capital gains tax The U.S. dollar will remain the reference currency for the bitcoin price Bitcoin must be accepted as a form of payment by “every economic agent” The government will “provide alternatives” to enable crypto transactions

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele with wife Gabriela Rodriguez:

We need more people on top positions who are younger with more open minded approach and less corrupt in order for crypto to really take off. We dont need 80 +years old dinosaurs whp are run by greed and mentality from a century ago. We need a new better world.

Time is now and wheels are in motion, we just need a slight push from a few more leaders and we will become an unstoppqble avalanche.

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