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i am one of two owners of . We are a Crypto Community Website, where you can claim crypto for free an also earn some extra by doing tasks.

Ravencoin is one of the 9 Cryptocurrencies we support, and is one of the most withdrawn Currencies on our Website. I really like the usability of RVN, so i am happy to send it all over the world 😀

Also we have created a Token on the Ravencoin Chain, so we really use the Ravencoin Tec from A-Z and we love it 🙂

Signup today and get your free Ravencoin while its so low – our internal currency "COINS" is pegged to the dollar ( 25000 COINS = $1 ), so in times like this when crypto is low you get more 😀

If you have any questions let me know – our website is pretty new ( started in april 2021 ) but we already have a pretty decent track record of 20k+ users and $600+ withdrawn by our users in crypto.

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