How Tech Bros Catfished Elon Musk into Pumping Dogecoin

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How Tech Bros Catfished Elon Musk into Pumping Dogecoin

How Tech Bros Catfished Elon Musk into Pumping Dogecoin

So, for anyone who follows Elon Musk on Twitter, you know he has a favorite account. He interacts with it more than any other account, because it constantly strokes his ego. And this account is constantly encouraging Elon Musk to pump Dogecoin. He has obliged on several occasions.

Some people have even speculated that "@itsALLrisky" is Elon Musk himself, because he interacts with that account. I had a simpler theory: Elon Musk is a horny narcissist who loves the idea that this hot woman has centered her life around him and Dogecoin. Elon, bro, you got played.

I tracked down the original profile photo on Instagram. It's a model who never once has posted about dogecoin on her IG page. I added the side photos to the image thread for proof that I found it. That particular photo of hers, the one used by "@itsALLrisky" went viral on Tumblr. I found that people with fake accounts love it because of the partially obscured face.

Then I checked to see who "@itsallrisky" originally followed on Twitter. A bunch of young tech bros. The first person "@itsALLrisky" followed is "Mike," a drop-ship marketer and digital ads tech bro.

Interesting. Either this model created a Twitter account to pump dogecoin. Or some tech bros stole her photo and successfully used her image to catfish Elon Musk into pumping Dogecoin.

Today I went and looked at the pre-2019 Twitter history for "@itsALLrisky" back when this hot model answered by the name of…can you guess it: "Mike," the very first person followed by "@itsALLrisky" who happens to be a digital marketing pro.

Elon's tweets have added billions to the market cap of Dogecoin, so I think it's relevant news that he's been catfished into pumping dogecoin by some tech bros. Dogecoin is a multi-billion dollar honey trap. Watch out for bears lol 🤣

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