Help ! My coins are all stolen in a Trezor One Device!!

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Help ! My coins are all stolen in a Trezor One Device!!

Hi all, I suddenly lose around 1.3 BTC and 46 ETH in my Trezor One Wallet….

Is any expert of professional of Trezor One expert here? I can share my coins with you if you can kindly help me to recover it T_T

The story is , I have lost my trezor One device before and I recovered it at Jan 2021 with my recovery seed, the new Trezor one Device is purchased by Trezor official website.

When I recovered the coins on Jan 2021, and I restored all the coins, and I have transferred the 0.2 BTC to someone on 8 Jan 2021. However, at the night of 14th Jan 2021, all my BTC and ETH are transferred to a new address, but the coins are still there without any transaction.

I have kept my recovery seed secured and my trezor wallet are still able to use now

The BTC address that have got my coins is 31jkZQUwe11wjC11bqiF34DrxEPnB273eM

and I wonder the following possibility,

  1. is Trezor may have 2 pins so different pins will go to different wallet? (Although I think its not possiblt T_T)
  2. If someone got my old trezor one address, can they steal my coins?
  3. Is any other possible way I can do now T_T? I know its almost impossible to get back my coins, but at least I want to know the reason of being stolen. What make me feel weird is that my online Binance wallet coins are still here but the coins in cold wallet are all being stolen…T_T

If any expert or professional please help T_T its greatly appreciated!

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