A look back to this sub the four weeks after the peak in 2017

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A look back to this sub the four weeks after the peak in 2017

So I decided to look back to what this sub was talking about after Bitcoin hit it's ATH of last bull run in 2017, I thought this idea was interesting to see what was the feeling when people back then were past the peak but they sure didn't know, and well it might be an indicator of what we are going to live this time.

Top posts of the december 15th to 23th, right after the peak happened

Top posts of the second week after the peak

Top posts of the Third week after the peak

Fourth Week after the peak:

So that's all I am going to do for now, so far I can say that for myself it was a nice excersise to do, and what I get the most is how their posts are so similar to ours right now, I don't know if we are at bear market now, or how long we will be, but the paralellisms for good and bad are there, and as you can see if you were guided at least by what people then were getting to the front page then you certainly had now idea what was going to happen, just like us right now.

Also I would love to hear people that were here when that bear market happened, I am new to crypto, only got 4 months as an investor so I don't have much insights about what It felt like.

Edit: /u/thijsfc pointed out XRB is now Nano, which is doing quite well lately.

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