Is it going to the moon?

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Is it going to the moon?

Hi, I am kind of new to crypto. I started with ethereum a few months ago but I'm kind of skeptical of that market, specially with ETH 2.0 coming any time soon. I don't trust it enough to make a serious investment and start holiding (maybe I'm completely wrong on this, please correct me if I'm talking nonsense)

I was very intrigued by this crypto tho, and was kind of surprised that it isn't growing at a higher rate (specially with all the crypto hype going around nowadays).

So here I am, asking for serious investment advice. Should I go safe and buy ethereum? Does this coin have the potential to grow much more in the future? I believe it does. Or at least I hope so.

Best regards.

PS: I don't want to give the wrong vibe and make it seem like I just want to take advantage. I am pretty convinced in investing on RVN. I just want to know some of your opinions on the topic.

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