[Rant] Fixed Transaction Fees on MEW –> TX Fails

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[Rant] Fixed Transaction Fees on MEW –> TX Fails

I am so frustrated at the moment. I was buying ETH via my Swiss bank (that charge ridiculous 1% fees and 60.- a year for the account). But I had all my ETFs and ETH on that and it seemed convenient at first. But I did some more research and found, that I can do a similar portfolio with Degiro and move my ETH into a MEW.

To do that, I first had to confirm my MEW address by sending a predefined amount of ETH (roughly 0.5$ worth) to the Swiss bank address. The MEW app, however, only allows for three preset fees. Slow, normal and fast (5-8$) and guess what. None of the transactions, I tried all fee settings, came through. I paid 20$ in fees and none arrived and I do not get how this can be. I understand that the fees are high at the moment. But that my tx does not arrive with this pre set fees on MEW is ridiculous -.-

ETH2.0 cannot come soon enough.

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