Can we stop posting “X coin new ATH of $!”

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Can we stop posting “X coin new ATH of $!”

I get the excitement, I feel it too, but there's a few problems with posts like this:

  1. They are low effort, meme-replacing, moon-farming posts that offer no value.
  2. The value that they offer, especially in a bull market, is often outdated. Yesterday I saw a text post about bitcoin breaking 63K omg! But, a few hours later when I was reading it, the price had already crossed 64k.

Is there a moon proposal to limit these kinds of posts? I just saw one for cardano hitting $1.50, and now there's another for 1.54. Are we going to post another when it hits $1.545?? I'd even be ok with these posts as long as they are limited to the top 10 coins by marketcap and only for round number milestones ($69,420 being the obvious and only exception).

Also, I have no idea what flair a rant like this deserves, sorry.

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