Misplaced ETH in hardware wallet, can I recover?

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Misplaced ETH in hardware wallet, can I recover?

I bought ~ 3 ETH back in 2017 and then I put on my Ledger Nano S and locked it in a safe. I decided to get back into trading cyrpto this year and I learned the hard way you can't just lock a hardware wallet away and not maintain it.

Luckily I was only one old firmware version away from not being able to upgrade my Nano. I did it and got the BTC and Litecoin off, but the ETH app was not on it. When I reinstalled the ETH app there was no ETH on the wallet.

I went back and looked at my records and have the transaction from coinbase transferring the ETH to my wallet. Can I use that to recover the ETH that was seemingly lost? How can I recover this lost ETH?

EDIT – thanks to the guidance of u/Mathje – I started to look for the address in my wallet, realized I didn't have the Ethereum App installed on Ledger Live/. When I did that it recognized the 3.934 ETH that I left on the wallet. W00t!

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