Futur of ravencoin

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Futur of ravencoin

Hi everyone :),

I’m quiet new in the crypto universe and crypto mining.

I would have a question regarding ravencoin. I understand how it work and all the benefit that he can bring.

However I have a question about mining.
My rig is composed of one rtx 2070s and my hash rate about 22/24 mh/s. How long would it take with this graphic card to find a block in solo?

And what do you think about Mining ravencoin when we see the price of it ? Is it better to buy or to mine it ? Or buy raven coin and mine eth ? Actually with the cost of electricity both of them are good to mines (90/110€ months) with my graphic card (hope one day graphic card comeback to a normal price).

Do you think that when eth will go to proof of stake people will start to have interest in ravencoin ? (Because for the moment there is not so much activities)

Thanks a lot for your feeling, Best regards:)

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