Dev Meeting Transcript (April 9, 2021)

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Dev Meeting Transcript (April 9, 2021)

[4:01 PM] Tron: Hello?

[4:02 PM] Hedger: Hello

[4:02 PM] Farndogg: hi

[4:03 PM] unclear: hello all

[4:03 PM] Kronk Stark: Hello

[4:03 PM] fdov: Hi.

[4:03 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Gday!

[4:04 PM] Tron: Welcome everyone. Since the channel wasn't open, I'm not sure if there's a moderator this week.

[4:04 PM] Tron: I think I'm about to be corrected.

[4:04 PM] Hans_Schmidt: -The raven-qt SIG now has write access to the RavenProject/Ravencoin repo and we have started processing the Pull Requests

-The auto-build system has undergone substantial work including updating all old-rev dependencies and removing AWS (thanks fdov)

-For legal reasons, OSX had to be removed from the auto-build "Actions" system, but we now also have a semi-automated docker-based OSX build system similar to what bitcoin uses (thanks fdov)

-Many of the PRs have required work due to stale or incorrect branch targets

-We hope to complete processing all PRs within 1-2 weeks, after which testnet testing will start on all the improvements including P2SH

-We also need to rebuild the public release procedure including signing binaries

-Before the end of May, we plan to do the first post-Medici public binary release with all new features and GUI improvements EXCEPT P2SH

-If P2SH testnet testing goes well, we hope to do the P2SH public binary release before the end of June

-Special Thanks to HyperPeek and fdov for their work, and Jeroz as usual for assistance

[4:06 PM] Tron: Thank you Hans, HyperPeek, fdov, and Jeroz.

[4:08 PM] Tron: For anyone who hasn't seen it, you can now hop RVN over to the Binance Smart Chain as pRVN and interact with DeFi Smart Contracts.


Ravencoin — Binance Smart Chain

This is super new, so be careful. For advanced users only.

[4:08 PM] Vincent: shout out to unclear for awesome new stats on his explorer…

Solus Explorer

Solus Explorer for Ravencoin project. Address balances, smart address groping, blocks, transactions, assets, markets, blockchain statistics and more.

[4:08 PM] Tron: And hop back.

[4:11 PM] Kronk Stark: Should I continue to mine testnet? What else can we give dev team for help without code skills?

[4:11 PM] Kronk Stark: coffee?

[4:11 PM] Kronk Stark: I heard testnet being forked

[4:12 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Testnet will start testing all the new features including P2SH (which is a chain fork) within 1-2 weeks

[4:12 PM] unclear: Please let me know if any changes in the Testnet, I'll try to adjust testnet explorer asap

[4:13 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Will do. Nice stats page btw!

[4:13 PM] Hans_Schmidt: The Electrum SIG needs volunteers to:

-Help document the purpose of each py source file. kralverde has set up a framework to standardize the work and to prevent overlap

-Investigate Bitcoin-Cash's Electron-SLP Electrum assets client to see if we can use any of their ideas or code

-Help define what the GUI should look like to support assets, and what asset functionality is wanted

-A Ravencoin version of Bluewallet with asset support will require a Ravencoin version of Electrumx

[4:13 PM] unclear: Still slow, I'm working on improvements

[4:14 PM] unclear: Also please feel free to reach me with new feature requests

[4:14 PM] Tron: I just added the stats page to the foundation footer. I should show up in a few minutes.

[4:15 PM] Vincent: since no agenda; proposal updates?

[4:15 PM] Kronk Stark: Who has access?

[4:15 PM] Someone_2: Heh, yeah I kinda wondered, I didn't see an agenda.

[4:16 PM] Kronk Stark:

[4:16 PM] Tron: I can merge pull-requests.

[4:16 PM] bless yer heart: I am here. To follow the agenda, we have finished the update to Testnet, we have yet to discuss the updates to GitHub issues and PR's

[4:16 PM] Kronk Stark: I wanted to modify the site for potential devs i recruit from marketing efforts

[4:17 PM] Kronk Stark: I am not sure where you want volounteer devs to end up

[4:17 PM] Tron: There's been a lot of activity. Too much for me to keep up with. I paid out a bounty today for adding sweep to Ravencoin core.

[4:17 PM] Roterabe: To piggyback to this. If anyone is willing to document the code, this would be the guide:

Google Docs

Electrum SIG documentation

Electrum SIG File Documentation Guide Introduction In order to help convert electrum to ravencoin, we need to document what each file does so that we can reference it in the future. In order to do that we will have a brief overview of the files in our electrum-sig-info repository and more in-de…

[4:18 PM] Tron: For anyone that has completed issue(s) with a bounty attached, let me know.

[4:18 PM] bless yer heart: 2. New Issues

– #912 – JSON file request for the complete QT wallet translation

– #913 – Depends: miniupnpc – update and download from github.

[4:18 PM] bless yer heart: 3. New PR's

– #910 – Qt 5.12.10, openssl 1.1.1k, updated dependencies.

– #915 – Build: Remove reference to AWS.

– #916 – Docs: Issue template on github.

[4:19 PM] fdov: Tron I have two. If they get accepted. I sent you some mails a while back. No hurry.

[4:20 PM] Hans_Schmidt: A good starting point for devs interested in either of the SIGs for general info is:

[4:22 PM] Tron: In an effort to keep the foundation website up-to-date, and not have stale links to bad URLs, I added an Ecosystem Status page. It checks the sites every 5 minutes. Let me know if there are any other sites to add to it. I have pools, swap pages, and other Ravencoin resource pages being monitored.

[4:23 PM] unclear: Can you add Solus explorer there as well?

[4:24 PM] Tron: Yep.

[4:24 PM] unclear: TY

[4:25 PM] Hans_Schmidt: As mentioned earlier,

We hope to complete processing all PRs within 1-2 weeks, after which testnet testing will start.

We plan to clean up all the Issues as soon as we are done with the PRs and have restarted testnet testing.

Some of the specific ones you listed are already closed within the last hour

[4:26 PM] Kronk Stark: Thank you all

[4:27 PM] bless yer heart: Great news. There was a bunch of action on the Development channel this week. Saw a bunch of tipping flying around as well.

[4:27 PM] fdov: I add a few issues just as a reminder. #913 is one of those. It's basically just to fetch stuff from github instead of, since we fetch to github pretty often. Not important, but nice to do.

[4:29 PM] bless yer heart: This week we saw the report from P001 audit come out if im not mistaken? P001 is another item on the agenda

[4:31 PM] bless yer heart: Are there any late additions to this weeks meeting?

[4:33 PM] Tron: I don't think the audit results are out for P001. I did ask ISE to go ahead with it, but it is a couple months out.

[4:34 PM] bless yer heart: scratch that then. Ill mark that as suffice for now, and move on.

[4:34 PM] Jeroz: Hans_Schmidt estimated to be ready with p2sh by June, so I guess that would nicely fit with their audit

[4:34 PM] fdov: For anyone interested, a summary of the ravenqt-sig meeting is in the #ravenqt-sig-meetings channel. Would be great to get some more eyes on that. And feedback, especially if you disagree.

[4:34 PM] pinkajou: Just a friendly passive reminder that scaling is something we should all be keeping in the back of our minds despite not being an issue of urgency at the current moment.

[4:35 PM] bless yer heart: Is there a specific topic relating to scaling that you would like to discuss?

[4:35 PM] pinkajou: I hit on SegWit pretty hard last week, not sure we want to jump into that again but I'm all for talking it to death lol

[4:36 PM] Jeroz: could think about segwit, once we got the p2sh done

[4:36 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Agreed

[4:38 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Is there a separate meeting to discuss Foundation financial and administrative topics?

[4:39 PM] pinkajou: is p2sh getting added to testnet in advance of security audit? what is the status on that?

[4:39 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Yes. testing and audit can be in parallel

[4:40 PM] fdov: For non-dev contributions, I would recommend creating issues on github, and commenting on existing issues as a good start. Opinions on issues is helpful for the ones deciding what to do with it. If 5 community members comments 'close' it can probably be closed directly, as an example.

[4:42 PM] Kronk Stark: Hans i have like a 15mh card on testnet, do you need more like 200+ mh when doing the rollover to make it run more smoothly?

[4:42 PM] Hans_Schmidt: I think Jeroz offered to coordinate the testnet mining

[4:43 PM] Kronk Stark: ok thanks

[4:43 PM] fdov: Currently anything is good enough. I think testnet stopped a few days ago for some time. Had to fire up mining on my laptop to get some blocks for testing. 😉

[4:44 PM] bless yer heart: whoa, I can fix that easy.

[4:44 PM] bless yer heart: aint much but its honest work.

[4:45 PM] bless yer heart: Given the obvious work that has been done this week by those within GitHub and the great write ups by the SIG's, we have covered all suggested topics for this agenda.

feel free to add as you wish.

and as always, please reach out with future meeting agenda items.

[4:45 PM] Kronk Stark: Tron how do you feel about EY doing security audit

[4:46 PM] Kronk Stark: *winces in anticipation of another roast

[4:47 PM] Tron: EY?

[4:48 PM] Kronk Stark: Ernst and young

[4:50 PM] Tron: I think of them as accounting, but it looks like they do security audits. I'd recommend Nathan Hauk weighs in on that. I'll see him this weekend.

[4:51 PM] Kronk Stark: Don't care if you say no to any of them, just know a family friend there that can get us to the right place

[4:51 PM] Kronk Stark: ill keep throwing names out haha and ill reach out to Nathan

[4:54 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Currently the Foundation is holding substantial funds, hoping they don't go down in value. Some open brainstorming discussion on how we might use some of those funds to increase Ravencoin's value could be appropriate. Ideas can always be discussed. Anybody else think so?

[4:55 PM] Kronk Stark: Give it to dev team

[4:56 PM] Kronk Stark: The small businesses we help with NFT sales will drive our value as well

[4:57 PM] justme486: Can the Foundation sponsor YouTube videos? I've never seen a 'coin' sponsor a YT video (usually it's an exchange or a hardware-type company) but sponsoring a few videos with influencers might help.

[4:58 PM] Jeroz: wasnt the plan to have developers start coming up with bounties once they have a clear overview of the needed efforts

[4:58 PM] Tron: The general funds are to help incentivize development. There was some discussion of using them to help get a stablecoin on the platform, but that didn't go over well. I'm still in discussion with stably on how they might add to the open-source ecosystem beyond just the stablecoin.

[4:59 PM] bless yer heart: The idea is sound IMO, carries logistical weight when dealing with an IRS recognized Non-Profit and boards of directors, and really could bring much centralization to finances that we as a community and a dev team really have no bearing or care on.

[4:59 PM] Hedger: Could those funds be used to cover cost of Legal Opinions covering 2nd layer project involving a "Swap Facility" which may benefit all the Community? Rules and Regulations and specific way(s) it may be structured to stay clear of known issues? Thanks.

[5:00 PM] Tron: I didn't mention the company name last time because the USDS asset on Ravencoin had not been reserved.

[5:00 PM] Hans_Schmidt: These are all ideas worth deeper consideration. Having a regular meeting slot dedicated to such discussions seems needed IMO.

[5:00 PM] Tron: There is an inherent conflict-of-interest if developers are setting the bounty amount and then claiming the bounty.

[5:01 PM] pinkajou: maybe we could set a range of bounties and take bids?

[5:01 PM] Jeroz: I imaged that it would be for "help needed" kind of issues on git

[5:02 PM] Tron: I can set bounties for things that need development. Let me know which issues meet that bar, and I'll add a bounty.

[5:02 PM] Tron: I will not claim any bounties.

[5:02 PM] fdov: culd we have like a community voting system, where you could vote with RVN and the the foundation doubles your "vote" ?

[5:03 PM] Kronk Stark: lets get dominion voting system

[5:03 PM] Vincent: what about putting the proposals out for bid

[5:03 PM] boatsandhoes: +1

[5:03 PM] pinkajou: this is what I was attempting to articulate – thanks vincent

[5:04 PM] Tron: I would love a system that doesn' t require me to guesstimate on every issue, but estimates for development effort has been a problem for years.

[5:04 PM] Tron: We could try a bid system, provided there's a veto power. Single-source bids are a problem.

[5:05 PM] Kronk Stark: A vote without understanding the actual work is tough to do

[5:05 PM] boatsandhoes: this is a topic that could be an entire powwow in itself

[5:05 PM] fdov: I would like the bounty system to just be an supplement to a strong community of core devs. Having too much on bounties is high risk, imo.

[5:06 PM] Kronk Stark: yea and if an issue sits out there a while and no one takes it, up the price

[5:06 PM] Tron: I'll add a way for someone to suggest an amount for taking on an issue.

[5:07 PM] Tron: That's what I'm doing now, but my time is a bottleneck to the process.

[5:07 PM] Vincent: collusion may find its way into that plan

[5:07 PM] boatsandhoes: Anyone here going to be at Texas A&M next week?

[5:08 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Bounties are good for small fixes and upgrades. But not large projects. Even gitcoin says that. I believe that we need more brainstorming on big projects and strategies. The community has found fair and effective ways to pay for good ideas. We need to set up a system to help generate those ideas with periodic meetings IMO.

[5:08 PM] Tron: I'll be there. I'm trying to nail down schedule info, and it doesn't exist. The Ravencoin presentations might be at the private ranch.

[5:08 PM] bless yer heart: Ill add this to next weeks agenda as well. Garners more conversation for sure IMO

[5:09 PM] Tron: Big projects can (and should) be broken down.

[5:09 PM] Tron: Strategies and direction definitely need more brainstorming and discussion. :100:

[5:10 PM] boatsandhoes: Sweet! Let talk about the foundation there over a beer or two

[5:11 PM] Tron: I looked a bit more into transaction malleability and I don't think it is completely solved. I think one form (r,s) to (r, -s) I think is solved. Others in BIP62 have not been solved.

[5:12 PM] Hans_Schmidt: Even if segwit was working on Ravencoin (which it isn't), only transactions for which all inputs are Segwit would be immune to malleability.

[5:13 PM] Vincent: can it be forced?

[5:14 PM] Tron: I think the most serious one is the (r,s) to (r,-s) because anyone can do it before it makes it into a block. The other forms would require the private key.

[5:16 PM] bless yer heart: Great info everyone,

I have added bounties and transaction malleability to next weeks suggested agenda as we have come to them towards the end of our time.

Suggest we close this weeks Development meeting and enjoy some live NFT auction and meetup in the Ravencoin Campus.

[5:17 PM] Tron: See you at the meetup.

[5:18 PM] bless yer heart: Good night everyone, and thank you all for your contributions and continued patience with the new guy.

[5:18 PM] unclear: GN

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