FOMO is more than money. It’s also time.

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FOMO is more than money. It’s also time.

I've been in the crypto game since 2017, and I've acquired a different perspective of FOMO since then.

I feel it's best to explain this by sharing a little bit of my story. In 2017, I landed a great internship opportunity along with continuing college to finish my BSEE. Between then and now, I left a really bad relationship, graduated college, landed a permanent job, found an amazing GF, got engaged, got married, moved out of my parents' home into an apartment, wife got pregnant, I continued school in a master's program, experienced the birth of my daughter, and bought a home which we will be moving into in June. My routine now includes work, school, helping with the house duties, and spending precious time with my months-old daughter and my wife.

I hear about crypto traders reaping incredible gains off of this bull market and I feel like I'm missing out by not taking the time to learn how to trade successfully. I have to remind myself of my simple quick strategy: buy and hodl. It's not the perfect plan, but it sure as hell is a good one. Since joining this crypto rollercoaster, I've made incredible gains just buying and holding. The few times I traded I ended up regretting it.

Sure, if I learn how to trade I could probably win big. Yet, I'm already winning big. Right now, there's no bigger win than spending what free time I have with my small beautiful family. My time is simply and perfectly spent, and I can't invest anymore of it. As some of you get wrapped up in the crypto hype, I encourage you to check your time in addition to your wallet and bank account. Because there really may be events or opportunities you really don't want to miss out on, and I'm not talking about financial opportunities. 🙂

TLDR: Don't FOMO into spending more time IF you can't afford to. Buying and hodling is a tried and true method and it's perfectly okay to stick with that if that's the best you can do.

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