Bought my first 1.0 of ETH today

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Bought my first 1.0 of ETH today

So a few weeks ago I got a bunch of Ethereum to start what is effectively a very stupid and unsuccessful prank.

At the end of the day it left me with a spare $7 worth of ETH which I figured I would just never see again.

Well, I've been keeping an eye on it and I'm convinced.

I just like the Ethereum.

My conventional savings account interest rate was making me more angry than anything else and I don't really understand the stock market. But Ethereum makes sense to me and I believe in the future of NFT tech as well as just the cool opportunities ETH is designed to create.

I don't really consider this a YOLO. I was saving that money for a car which is the worst investment a person can make. Maybe I'll get a lambo lol.

Anyway here goes nothing. Thanks for reading.

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