Elon Musk Is Not One Of Us. Stop Using Him As a Role Model.

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Elon Musk Is Not One Of Us. Stop Using Him As a Role Model.

I’m tired of seeing him as a face of crypto in news. He is not one of us. He isn’t your average Joe. He is multi billionaire, one of the richest guys in the world. He doesn’t care about you, about me, about mine or your family. All he cares it’s his ego and his companies.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of hate towards Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. Is sweet Elon Musk different? Maybe he isn’t lizardy as Marky is, because he is skrull from Mars. Is Elon any different compared to Mark? Both of them are shilling their own companies, Tesla isn’t different. Just because he offers you to buy Tesla with BTC, it doesn’t mean that he is on your side. He isn’t helping you, he is helping himself.

While you’re laughing at him shilling DOGE, he is laughing at you how is he manipulating you. He is not helping crypto, he is hurting it. He isn’t same as you or me, he doesn’t have to save money for food, he doesn’t have the count if he has enough for dinner.

He isn’t on your side, every one of the billionaires are trying to manipulate as much people as they can, to make them believe in theirs own visions and dreams. Just because he pumped your coin, it doesn’t mean that he is your lovely neighbour.

Elon shouldn’t be used as a model for crypto. Just because he was on Joe Rogan podcast, it isn’t making him a proper role model.

Stop giving him any reputation when it comes to crypto, this guy just shilled a shitcoin and thousands of people falls for it.

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