Longtime contributor to r/crypto. I started a camp trailer company and am finally ready to show everyone my hard work. And I accept crypto.

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Longtime contributor to r/crypto. I started a camp trailer company and am finally ready to show everyone my hard work. And I accept crypto.


I'm excited and a little nervous to post this. Hopefully you all like. I would love to hear your feedback. Anyway, heres my story: Just like everyone, this last year I found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands, and I decided to use it to pursue something I've been wanting to do for a long time—build a camp trailer. Well, one led into two, which led into more and eventually me deciding just to make a go of it and become a full-fledged manufacturer. Thousands of hours (and lots of trial and error) later and WeGo Trailers is now a registered vehicle manufacturer and dealer.


I spent a long time deliberating wether or not to do it, there are already a few manufacturers out there, all of which I like for one reason or another. Some more so than others. What made me think the world needed one more was the fact that, for all their differences, all of the other campers are pretty much the same thing. All use the exact same parts and offer very little in the way of creativity. It also seems every one is geared to appeal specifically to guys. Not that it's a bad thing. Just that I think not everyone wants their camper to be military spec in looks and function.


As an artist by trade, I needed design and style to be foremost. Clean lines; simple, intuitive controls; no clutter…that's what I wanted. AC outlets, vent fans, switch placement—I hid the things that I think are ugly, while still leaving them accessible. And packed every model with all the features they could fit, including hot water and solar charging.


Every part of WeGo is built by me. From the trailers themselves, to the branding and website.

2021 models are now available to order. And, if things go well, 2022 models are going to have something no other campers out there have. I can't wait to build those.

Here's to hoping you like what I've made.



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