Good learning resources?

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Good learning resources?

Can someone point me towards some good learning material? I have hundreds of questions about crypto in general but more so about ethereum and NFTs. Most youtube videos and other articles ive come across give very generalized information about crypto that dont answer my questions. Im not so much looking for info about blockchain info and more so about how the transactions work, how people are making a living off this, what makes one NFT valuable compared to another, who would buy a cryptopunk and whats it used for? Is it just art…to like…sit as a screensaver or something?

Some examples of my curiosities:

-Can anyone just upload some art to Rarible and sell it? So I can take a picture of my sandal, upload the jpeg and sell it for 0.5 eth?

-Why does a gif of Elon Musk smoking on joe rogans podcast sell for hundreds of thousands? ANyone can get that gif on google. I get the idea that its 'verified' or the original, but whats stopping me from uploading a separate gif that slightly different. It would be an original too, since its slightly different. OR could I go take a picture of Elon paparazzi style and put that up, and since its my own originial it should also be worth hundreds of thousands?

-The idea of using etherum or some other crypto as an actually means of transaction? If say 1 million people hold all the ethereum out there, how are the other 7 billion+ people in the world supposed to buy anything? That would be a huge wealth transfer where now anyone who didnt buy ethereum early is suddenly poor.

Sorry im a big crypto n00b but I am fascinated by it and definitely see the potential. Feels like the early days of the internet where theres so much skepticism but no one knows how big its going to inevitably get.

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