Best settings for 1650S?

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Best settings for 1650S?

Hi! I just started mining and I'm sure I'm doing everything wrong hahaha.

First off, my average is like 10mh/s, I have a Zotac GTX 1650S, which are the best settings so I can mine a little faster while keeping it cool? (It usually stands at around 64°C)

Besides that, I noticed it sometimes drops to 0, once it stayed like that for like 10 minutes and then went back up, but most times it just stays there until I restart the program or just change pool (I usually switch between both US from 2Mine and US RavenMiner). I'm mining with KaPowMiner.

I tried using T-Rex but it seemed much slower, was it just my impression?

Anyways, happy to enter this community!

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