HOLD YOUR MOONS: Why r/Cryptocurrency Will Be a Major Success in the Future.

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HOLD YOUR MOONS: Why r/Cryptocurrency Will Be a Major Success in the Future.

Here's the reasons why. Read all of it for a better understanding of what I'm getting at here.

Age, quick updates and Original Content.

This sub was created before many popular crypto communities on the web that are a HUGE SUCCESS. Steemit being major success, and Theta TV has also made waves.

Why does age matter?

Steemit has a much bigger member base, but this sub still shows up in the search results before they do for a many crypto related questions.

  • Why?

It's all precedence. Outside of direct site lookups, Google puts original content combined with age first before anything else.

R/cc was created in 2013, Steemit in 2016. We will always have precedence in the search results before steemit's crypto community.

We also have updates faster. Google likes constant updates.

Crypto for Content

That's right, despite what some people think about moons destroying the sub, the opposite is more likely to happen. Steemit uses $steem, and $steem dollars and it's MCAP is pretty up there. Theta TV awards Theta and has an MCAP in the billions but steem is a much better comparison so I'll stick to that.

The crypto space LOVES communities that award crypto for content. The competition to make high quality content for steem dollars , steempower, or steem increases monthly.

What this does is it starts attracting serious influencers who make a living off content. Yes even the youtubers that you really hate.

Don't hate them too much, those are the ones who will steer their followers to their reddit posts if that means more crypto for them. Just wait till MainNet. Right now they have a hard time.

Some people make a living off this stuff and post content across 10 different crypto for content platforms making $50-$100 each site a day. There are many of these people. Well over 10,000 for sure that will happily adding r/cryptocurrency on their list for that little extra. It's a simple copy and paste for them. That will further propel the price of moons once mainNet hits

The only reason moons aren't up to $1 or more is because

  • they are still fairly new

Crypto Twitter hasn't really heard of moons yet so there is not many who will talk about it if they don't know. But they talk about steemit's crypto.

  • Not on mainnet yet

No mainnet = not noticed = no volume. New crypto investors are very interested in community cryptos, and might have heard about moons but have a difficult time understanding how to buy them or send them out.

A Very credible exchange might list Moons first.

  • Kraken

That's right , Kraken is very credible. It's one of the very few exchanges that hasn't been hacked.


Yes, they talk about moons already… https://www.kraken.com/en-us/learn/what-is-reddit-moon

Also these so called moon farmers we love to knock bring FOMO….


Just wait till this Hits MainNet.

Even if the crypto market Dips hard, It will come back. If these things are mainNet, it will fly up in value when that next bull run hits.

This sub plugs the search results with all the excitement and posting during bull markets.

It has precedence on Google search.

We already have people who have purchased 30, 40, $50,000 worth of moons through that process. Those are what's known as "early adopters". Those people aren't selling that is only the beginning. Only the beginning my friends.


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