Two questions in one!

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Two questions in one!

To begin, I am in the process of attempting to construct my own RVN and perhaps other altcoins mining pool. Those of you that have accomplished this feat as of recent, with the KAWPOW algorithm, with or without other coin support, would you be willing to share some wisdom so that someone like myself can begin to get the hardware and software required to maintain all of it. How large of a server rack can be expected of a mining pool that would have around 5-10 GH/s of hashing tops? Sorry if this sounds like an uneducated question, there just aren't many specifics available online, and I have spent hours running in circles for some answers. Just trying to get the hardware requirements achieved before they skyrocket in price again.

Second question, anyone that has successfully loaded the RavenlandOS onto a Raspberry Pi 4, and configured a full node, how was this process achieved? Any reference guides one might suggest? I have the most recent RavenlandOS for Raspberry Pi 4 loaded onto my Raspberry Pi 4, but can't seem to figure out how to configure a full node that is visible on the node maps, let alone configure one to begin with lol.

Sorry to sound stupid in any way, thanks to any and all that reply!

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