2 Free posts a week, and Moon cost for additional posts

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2 Free posts a week, and Moon cost for additional posts

This is a similar proposal voted on last month, with 74% voting in favor, but not enough votes to pass the threshold.

The purpose of this proposal:

-Encourage quality posts over quantity.

-Give Moons more utility and function.

-Put a cost for overposting.

-Allow more people to be heard and have a voice, and not be lost in the flood of overactive posters.

Everyone gets 2 free posts per week.

EDIT: THIS IS ONLY FOR FRONT PAGE POSTS AKA UPLOADS. It's not a change for any comments. You can comment all you want.

After that it will cost Moons for additional posts.

The cost is based on your Moon wealth (only the one earned from distributions):

1 Moon cost for additional posts if you've earned less than 100 Moons through distribution.

2 Moons if you've earned 100-1,000 Moons

4 Moons if you've earned 1,000-10,000 Moons

8 Moons if you've earned 10,000-100,000 Moons

16 Moons if you've earned over 100,000 Moons.

This will be the cost regardless if you've sold your Moons, or bought more.

If you've earned 4,000 Moons, and sold 3,950, and now only have a balance of 50 Moons, the cost will still be 4 Moons per extra posts. It's based on your Moon wealth history earned.

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