Why my friends call me crazy [Mining]

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Why my friends call me crazy [Mining]

So I joined a small mining pool, in which there were only 3 people mining RVN at SOLO.

I have 6Mh/s computing power and the other 2 have 300Mh/s ( they are the reason blocks are found in this pool). With such computing power I'm basically outnumbered , and my friends suggested that I'm an idiot to mine in that pool. Obviously, I did not listen, actually, I never listen to anyone in my life, I only trust my experiences and failures (I know this might be costly but that's who I am), so I stayed and mined.

Well, good for me, I was sitting at 65% Luck while the other two miners were at 30% ( I have NO idea why, nor how luck is calculating at SOLO pools, if you know please explain the comments ) .

And you guessed it right, I am the one who got the Block when it was found 😀

5K RVN in my Binance account, or $1k 🙂

I'm so happy that I got rewarded, and even mining calculators say I got more chances with other coins.

Well, RVN TO THE MOON !@#!@#!

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