I’m running out of patience for banks

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I’m running out of patience for banks

My paycheck got in so of course in the next blink of an eye I was on the exchange for a new shopping session.

I select the coin, enter the sum, card details, shoe size, number of fingers etc. You get the point. Then as a child on Christmas morning I hit buy.

Transaction failed.

Haha, I guess dumbass me misspelled something so I go again.

Transaction failed.

Oooooooook? I check the credit debit(sorry) card balance, everything correct. Exchange, correct. Account, correct. Proceed again with caution and sweat by typing one number/letter at a time like defusing a bomb.

Transaction accepted failed.

Great, now I need new pants. I'm calling the bank.

Disclaimer: no criminal record, no police encounters, no drugs, no fights. Nothing.

I'm a basic human that works a basic job, gets paid for it, buys crypto and coffee, pays some bills every month. That's it.

I use my bank account to get my paycheck, spend it and repeat. I'm cleaner than a priest on a sunday.

I identify myself to them and and start asking questions. Some bored guy who I seem to bother with my questions and worries starts to check stuff(no hate, I understand he gotta live too, but still an important detail).

He tells me that my account is temporarily suspended for investigation. To be honest, apart from being broke and buying crypto, my account does nothing so I ask him to explain why I need to be InVeStIgAtEd.

The Explanation

"ExchangeName is a company that we don't know of, has no history and a suspicious activity. We can't let our customers support these types of companies or get bankrupt because of them. We are running this investigation only for your safety."

…or at least that's what he thinks so. Yes, he literally said that.

ExchangeName – one of the top 3 crypto exchanges. Everything I did was entirely legal. I bought crypto before this.

So a guy that talks to me with disgust gets to tell me what I can do and what I can't do with my money.

Having a bank decide what I can do and do not with the money that I WORK for – not them, not anyone; my time, my money – it's just insane. This is sick.

Can't wait for banks to become ruin and history. We literally need crypto and blockchain.

PS: enjoy your gas-ride, seems like I'm out this one.

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