The RVN wall

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The RVN wall

The RVN wall

The RVN Wall

Not sure if these are bots or just extremely committed traders, but this "wall of RVN resistance" buys has been set for a couple days now and consistently edges upwards a few tenths of a cent each time Raven's price goes up.

It's basically making it extremely hard for the price of RVN to drop right now (which is great!).

That big wall at the bottom is someone with a half million raven set at buys, and the next three "smaller" walls are people with buys for 250,000 – 300,000 raven each. To break through this "wall" people would need to beat out a million RVN in one shot. Short of market changing news for crypto, that should prove to be really hard!

Just wanted to post this to see if any of these people are active on Reddit here, and if so, say thanks for helping keep RVN flying!

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