Experiment Week 2: What if you kept buying terrible performing coins?

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Experiment Week 2: What if you kept buying terrible performing coins?

Last week I started paper-trading experiment.(No actual trades/purchases/sales being made) Buy/sell the top 10 worst performing coins (in the top 500) every week. Let's talk about the results and the new purchases!

First, let's see our profits or losses from worst to best! Each one had initially $1000 invested in them.

Coin Short Profit/loss
BTRS -$134.33
YUSRA -$101.70
ERG -$4.89
COVER +$85.92
AUTO +$112.48
ADK +$136.90
ANY +$274.49
BONDLY +$307.01
FIO +$348.09
QQQ +$352.81
Total profit $1376.78
Total to spend $11376.78
Profit if put into BTC instead $2516

3 coins made me a loss, with ERG only a tiny loss. 7 coins made me a profit, with 6 of them making a bigger profit than the biggest loss that was made. A total of 1376 profit was made which leaves me with over 11k to spend on this round!

Some extra info: While those 10 coins made me a profit, the overal performance has been horrible. With the best coin being around the 330 rank last time, now the best one is at rank 433. Four of the investments fell out of the top 500, and only one of those made me a loss. Many coins performed a whole lot better!

Now, let's name the next list of shitcoins! From the worst performer to the best worst performer. From almost 50% down to only about 17% down. Each coin getting $1137.68 of investment.

Coin Short Amount bought
XEM 2917.13
REV 7584.53
MXX 3346.18
MASK 92.49
XLT 446.15
EGG 17.56
ZKS 476.02
BRG 4550.72
XWC 568.84
BMI 419.49

Fewer from the top 400-500 this time, only 4 while it was 6/7 last time. And this time the worst entry is a top 100 coin! There's also far more small value coins with 4 being under $1, while last time that was only 1.

Let's see how we end up doing next week!!!

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