Getting rich quick selling NTF’s guide

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Getting rich quick selling NTF’s guide

Welcome dear reader. This is your course on earning money selling low effort NTF's on Rarible.

  1. I guess you already have Metamask account
  2. Go to rarible dot com
  3. Make an account
  4. Connect wallet
  5. Create
  6. Choose pic, name and descripton of a NFT
  7. Deploy
  8. It asks for 1000$ in gas
  9. Ok, nevermind, abort misson

Who needs Rarible anyways? We offer you alternative:

  1. Go to opensea
  2. Follow exact same steps as in previous guide
  3. It asks for 100$ in gas
  4. Realize you aren't going to spend 100$ for deploying
  5. Realize it's not just selling pic out of thin air
  6. Leave space to the people who actually care
  7. Don't try to scam

Here it is folks. Now go back to trading on Binance.

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