PROPOSAL: Solution to Moonfarming problem

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PROPOSAL: Solution to Moonfarming problem

We all know that things have gotten bad since moons started having value. Meme farming (ruining memes on the sub), now shitpost farming…

The only real solution is to add some risk to the people shitposting. How this would work

  1. No moons earned for regular posts, just like the old days. Regular free posts = no moon reward.

  2. To earn moons from a post, you need to stake moons at the time of the post. I.e. you pay a fee in moons for the opportunity to earn moons on that investment if it gets upvoted. If it gets downvoted… you lose the investment and they go to a r/cc treasury account for future faucets. (A token burn would not be a good idea, as it would incentivize downvoting for moonholders)

  3. The amount of moons earned have to be proportional to the amount you pay as a down payment. The community (all of us) get to decide the parameters of these rules as they likely will change with the price of moons. The minimum cost to post for farming must outweigh the risk of losing it from a shitpost.

  4. I reiterate, this is not to put moon fees for ALL posts, only farm posts. Anyone here just for the content can post for free like normal, they will just not earn any moons for the post.

The end goal here is to at minimum, bring back the way things used to be for content and reduce the spam/farming posts.

What ideas do all of you have to add? What pros and cons of this do you have? Let's make this place fun again!

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