Stuff Your Wallets with $2000! Get 20% Off Trades This Spring

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Stuff Your Wallets with $2000! Get 20% Off Trades This Spring

You’re in for a real treat. Let’s fill up your profit baskets with up to $2000 cash this season. Grow more money with every deposit you make. It’s another offer you can’t miss!

The Spring Cashback will run in four rounds from March 15 to April 28. Save up big on your trades and secure a $500 cashback four times in this offer. How? It’s easy. Just make a deposit during each round while producing huge profits from trading your favorite symbols. The more you invest, the higher the chance to grab enormous cash out by the end of the offer.

SimpleFX is the best platform to trade the hottest symbols in different markets. It’s free to use on mobile or desktop, very intuitive, and the best part, you can create free demo accounts too and do demo trades without any risks or obligations.

Our excellent list of assets ranges from popular stocks like Apple and GameStop to highly traded forex pairs, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, commodities, indices, and more. You don’t need to own them to profit. Just speculate if their price will go up or down,  go long or short, and stock up impressive gains each time. You can even invest as little as $5 and trade commission-free with up to 1:500 leverage. What’s more. Our unrivalled affiliate program gives out up to 25% lifetime revenue share. It couldn’t get better than this!

Try out SimpleFX, and don’t miss any chance to make money from trading. Did Bitcoin just reach $50,000? Is Tesla climbing again? Just pick up your phone, log in, and trade anytime, anywhere.

Trade on the go with the SimpleFX mobile app

The Spring Cashback is an exceptional offer you can’t ignore. From March 15 to April 28, we are cutting the spreads by a huge 20% and you can collect up to $2000 cashback! Sign up with your email address, Facebook or Google account. No minimum deposit is required. Every investment you make can grow your wealth even more. Register here!


Got any questions? Our profit specialists are ready to assist you 24/7. Send us an email to We’re thrilled to have you!