Denmark desperately needs crypto, yet nobody is talking about it

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Denmark desperately needs crypto, yet nobody is talking about it

When having your money in a danish bankaccount every cent above approx 40K$ is subject to a -0.6% APY. This is not just one bank. Every single bank has this (might vary a little, the -0.6% is from my bank). This means that you're both loosing buying power due too inflation but you're also loosing money by holding them in you're bank. You're not reading that wrong btw. Negative interest is actually a thing outside of hell too.

This will result in most danes not having a ton of money saved up in the future. Especially not young people who in the next 5-20 years are gonna want a house and will need to provide for their family.

Here comes crypto. The saviour. Something like Bitcoin is invented just for this scenario. To store your wealth in a deflationary asset would be the perfect thing to do in Denmark, but no one is doing it.

Bitcoin is simply not adopted in Denmark like it is in so many other countries. No danish businesses has Bitcoin on it's balance sheet. Bitcoin is only talked about for 15 minutes in the news when it hits new ATHs and i can't find a single danish influencer or youtuber who talks about crypto regularly.

I cant figure out why this is and hopefully it will chance. Be sure to let me hear your thoughts on this as i would love to discuss it. Thanks for the read 🙂

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