Don’t care about this BULLRUN. Look at the Next one!

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Don’t care about this BULLRUN. Look at the Next one!

I think we might be looking at a wrong perspective. I personally don't care about this BULLRUN much when I am investing. What really matters will be the next bull run.

We are trying to invest in projects that will shape the world. And blockchain technology is still in infant stage. After 10 years it will be in everywhere like the new internet.

And I am really surprised at some responses. When I say x coin will reach 50x at 2 bullruns later, some people say "dude check the market cap. It has to reach 20x of bitcoin market cap bla bla"

What they don't realize is this. It will not only happen to 1 2 projects. Many projects marketcap will go sky high. And there a few reasons for this.

  1. Fiat inflation. 10 years later Usd will have about %20 inflation in total. That will naturally affect the market caps.

  2. NFT technology is extremely useful for Governments and institutions. Imagine an unforgable Passport, degrees etc. I am not even talking about gaming/music/art industry.

  3. Smart Contacts will be nearly mandatory if you want to stay alive in finance industry. They will have to adapt.

  4. As Blockchain technology becomes widespread, and gets mature, we will have less shitcoin and bad projects eating up investments. Hence marketcap will be moving towards stable good projects.

So why do I care about the next bull run but not the one after that? Because Projects that can survive the next bear market and rise in the next bull run, they will be the ones to shine.

When you are investing make sure you think about it. The projects you invest in needs have these things ; "NFT support, smart contracts, absolutely good marketing, scalibity, ability to be adopted by governments and official institutions" I can't stress you how Important marketing is. Because blockchain is still not understood well enough. So just having the tech is only the %50.

Don't think small. 1.5 trillion marketcap is nothing compared to what we will see later.

Or you can just buy bitcoin and HODL

May you all have many moons and good luck.

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