Crypto Gives Hope To Those Living in Developing Nations

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Crypto Gives Hope To Those Living in Developing Nations

At the start of February this year, a friend of mine mentioned how I could earn $6-7 per day using my GPU. I knew mining is profitable, but I didn't know it would be as simple as just downloading a client and pressing a button.

I started mining but I didn't really know how I would cash out the BTC I was getting from NH since Crypto isn't really supported in Pakistan; thus, you can't even verify your account on exchanges (At least not Tier 2 verification that allows you to convert).

So I began doing a little research on the basic concept of Crypto so I could understand the jargon Youtubers spewed in their videos. My interest towards the concept of Crypto grew as I studied the history, looked at the graphs from the past few years, saw the recent projects being undertaken by major companies like VISA.

I did end up finding out how to turn my Spot into Fiat (Using the proper terminology to sound cool), which entailed using Binance and its P2P trade. However, I didn't actually withdraw myself, just bought a $20 steam card using BTC. Instead I forwarded my findings to my friends who did indeed withdraw and use their cash up already.

I ended up converting my BTC into ETH (Reasoning: I can hodl a higher share of ETH compared to BTC) and I bought $10 worth of ADA using my own money.

I realized that withdrawing $50-60 worth of BTC per month isn't going to change much in my life, but maybe holding it for a few years will maybe bring some changes.

I do get how you can also invest in the Stock market, but that (at least here) requires you to go to a Stock broker to get setup and then deal with their antics and such. Crypto offers anonymity, which to some is a deal breaker while taking a lunge.

Now I've moved on from NH and I'm mining ETH directly into my wallet. I have also decided on putting $20 aside from my $200 salary each month on a coin of my choosing (It is currently ADA, but I am researching other projects as well).

Crypto is a great idea for people living in 1st world countries, but as it has been mentioned before, it is an incredible option for 3rd world currencies, particularly those with horrid exchange rates.

*Note: I do apologize if you're fed up with these constant *Crypto changed my life in X way*. I saw the recent posts as well, which made me come forward with my little journey*

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