A Question on NFTs

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A Question on NFTs

Hi, sorry for the nooby question I know you probably get them everyday but I'm a digital artist trying to get my head around NFT's and the new digital art wave that is happening at the moment

My first question is do all the platforms have such a high sellers fee? I tried to list something yesterday and before I could list it told me I had to pay them $100 worth of ethereum, which obviously I am not going to pay just to test the waters and try to figure out how this thing works

also I don't understand where these NFT's go once you buy them and what you do with them? where is this community/underground scene that is raving about them?

why would you buy a jpeg/png file when there are 100000's on the internet, digital art has never been valued like this before and I'm just a little confused why everyone cares about unique art and originality all of a sudden when its become so saturated in the design/art market

if anyone has any resources, references or communities for further study and immersing myself in the world it would be greatly appreciated

I'm relatively new to the crypto world so I know im probably missing alot of information

thank you

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