My RVN Wallet experience

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My RVN Wallet experience

Here is my honest review of using the RVN wallets – both Core (desktop) and the mobile app version.


First, I must say that I understand that a desktop wallet may need to download the entire blockchain history to be up to date.

This took about 4-5 hours for the desktop wallet. However, even after it finished syncing with the blockchain, it didn’t show my true balance – I transferred 1.5 RVNs as a test transfer.


The mobile app wallet did show the balance and the test transfer of 1.5 RVNs, even before it finished syncing.

The syncing process on the mobile app was not as smooth as the desktop wallet. It would freeze at a certain date once in a while, so I would need to close the app and restart it.

The entire time it showed the 1.5 RVN transaction pending, and when it finished syncing, it finally confirmed the transaction.


Having used other assets’ wallets, RVN’s wallet is significant less attractive to use due to it having to sync to the blockchain every time you open it.

Ravencoin needs a simpler wallet. The transactions are fast, which is a good thing for this coin, but the complexity and slowness of needing to sync the wallet each time makes for an unappealing user experience, which is a shame because RVN has wonderful potential.

What are your thoughts, my friends?

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