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GPU Buying

Hey Guys! Edit: This isn’t just about GPU buying as well, not the best title!

Been mining Raven for around a year now, been more active on the subreddit recently, and switched my entire farm to Raven about two weeks ago when EIP-talks came about. My first question is: if you guys are buying GPU’s right now (I’m not, and I won’t be until a bear market unless I see some nicely priced cards or see Raven miners looking to sell them to other Raven miners) what are you guys doing? My second question is: Is anyone trying to sell right now that isn’t a scalper? I’m attempting to look ahead and think about where crypto may be in 2 months compared to 8 months and thinking that we could see a parabolic advance even larger than we’ve had previously into a summer bear market to end the fall strongly bullish. What are your guys’ thoughts? Do you think we see a bear market with the implementation of EIP-1559 for awhile as hashrates comes to other networks such as Raven? I really only see people talking about the upside and in reality we have to have consolidation points and some downside. We do have upside, just how much though before we have to calm down from mania?

I wanna hear what some of you guys think as I know I’m not the only one thinking about this


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