Looking for Developer Feedback

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Looking for Developer Feedback

Hi r/ethereum, hope your day is going swell.

I'm a lawyer whose been involved in a non-technical way for a few years. I'm non-technical, but I teach a Bitcoin/Crypto course to lawyers and professionals and have developed a bit of a practice manual for dealing with the additional complexities of clients who hold crypto of one sort or another.

This experience has led me to believe that there are a number of areas in the legal space that could be massively streamlined and would benefit from decentralization. There are actually areas where lawyers may even be able to be largely removed from the process.

I've focused on one of these and have drawn up how such a contract system and network could work. I'm trying to weigh the viability of such a project but don't have a rolodex of Ethereum developers who I can bounce ideas off of. If there is a viable project, I'm going to need to find some technical partners to team up with to start a build.

Is there a good forum or community where I can track these sorts of connections down and connect with some experienced developers?

Anywhere you can point me to, I'd be very appreciative.

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