Backing up your desktop Wallet (Raven Core Wallet)

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Backing up your desktop Wallet (Raven Core Wallet)

I just responded to another post but thought I should share it as its own thread also

I posted this somewhere else a few years ago but thought it will be helpful with all the new users.

You can always corrupt your wallet.dat – i.e. Not waiting for it to close properly.

Or you forget you wallet password/pin or it no longer works.

Best way to backup your access to your RVN is to export your private keys and store them safely. You can then use them on a new install or any wallet that supports RVN.

Open Raven Wallet

click on 'help' in the menu bar (top right)

click on 'debug window'

select the 'console' tab

type in commands

*List all your public keys


*Unlock your wallet (number is the timeout in seconds)

walletpassphrase <your passphrase if used> 600

*Present private key for each stated public key.

dumpprivkey <public key #1>

dumpprivkey <public key #2>

dumpprivkey <public key #3>



Copy into safe place – not a text file on your PC.

Try or printed to hardcopy – laminated and placed in bombflooddragon proof safe. – Some use safety deposit boxes at banks… ironic Undecided I suppose it gives banks a use in the future.

keep a backup of the keypass somewhere safe offline preferably – then keep that in a safe place – see above line :-).

Always create a new backup if you create a new address and keep old copies

NB. You can also attach your wallet.dat into keepass

To Import Private Key

Select Help

Select Debug Window

Select Console

If you encrypted your wallet,

walletpassphrase <YourLongPassphrase> 600

importprivkey <privatekey>

NB. the private key must not have spaces, remove them if they are included in your backup

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