Interesting Ethereum Use Case? GoFundMe 2.0

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Interesting Ethereum Use Case? GoFundMe 2.0

As I have been stewing all day about how I can externally fund some my PhD costs starting in September aside from work in the Summer I came to two ideas: I start an OnlyFans and hope that there is a niche market of creepy guys that are into average looking 6.5 to 7.5 (on a good day) / 10 guys doing weird shit, or I start a GoFundMe and pray that enough people give a shit about economics and invasive species that they'll pitch in to help me achieve that personal goal.

But then I looked at my cryptos today like I always fucking do and I thought to myself: Wouldn't it be great if there was a GoFundMe for cryptos? And then I thought that it could potentially be an easy use case for a dapp on Ethereum. It would be sooo easy for the GoFundMe donators to see that when enough money gets put in the pool that the smart contract could execute and do what it needs to do in the objective of the GoFundMe.

So if I said for example that I wanted to try and pay off part of my tuition, the smart contract would build up enough crypto equivalents from the donations and then execute on an exchange or something to convert to stablecoins and send to the target wallet address (the university). This way if I donate to the GoFundMe I know for damn sure it's going to where it should be going instead of ending up in some guys back pocket or lost to fucking UniSwap on a bad trade.

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