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Gitcoin Grants (quadratic funding) round 9 had started!

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Resources for starting a pool

Hello, I was curious if anyone could point me in the direction of resources regarding starting a Ravencoin mining pool. The best I've been able to find so far is a couple projects on github but they haven't been updated since April of 2020. Are folks still using these as viable options, or…
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Do I need ETH to receive ERC20 tokens?

Basically the title. Do I need ETH in my wallet to receive USDC for example? Thanks! submitted by /u/tronsom [link] [comments]

Uniswap Subgraph – Volume and Liquidity numbers off?

I'm using the python graphql client lib to pull some basic token data from Uniswap. Docs here: My query: query = """ query($contract: String!) { token(id:$contract) { symbol name decimals tradeVolume totalLiquidity derivedETH } } """ What's strange is that on Uniswap frontend it lists BAT having: Total Liquidity: $5,478,617 24H Volume: $1,592,080 However…
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Too little, too late? Ethereum losing DeFi ground to rival blockchains

Decentralized exchanges explore alternatives as Ethereum continues to be overloaded. Is this the beginning of the end for the blockchain?

im not getting any ravencoin added to my wallet

im not getting any currency added to my ravencoin wallet i need help. ive been mining for 3+ hours now and havent recived anything ​ ​ submitted by /u/KrumzFudgy [link] [comments]

The guy in the famous ‘Bad Luck Brian’ meme sold it as crypto-art for $36,000

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My OC Settings Gigabyte Aorus Master RTX 3070

It helps a lot if you have a CPU with integrated Graphics. The 3070 is quite sensitive if you are moving the mouse or displaying something on the monitor. Hash rate dips 1-2 MH/s. I just plugged in the cable into the motherboard and enabled the Integrated Graphics card in the 10850K. Still Tweaking. …
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Bitcoin price in stasis — Analyst says BTC consolidation ‘nearly complete’

A transfer of more BTC from weak to strong hands has set the scene for fresh upside, says Willy Woo.