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I had some Ethereum on and today I noticed all of it is gone for no reason

I had some ETH in my wallet after selling computer stuff and when I looked it up today it was gone, there was no ETH wallet in my account and it wasn't showing up when I wrote ETH in Receive menu. I never shared any info except the receive code to receive the ETH in…
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Is Web3 the Future of the Internet? A Semi-Deep Analysis

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Reporting ‘limited progress,’ FATF urges countries to introduce legislation for travel rule

“Countries that have not introduced Travel Rule legislation should do so as soon as possible, and FATF jurisdictions should lead by example,” said the organization.

Merge Community Call #5 – July 15, 14:00 UTC (10 EST)

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EU Agreement Reached on Anti-money Laundering Rules for Cryptocurrencies

European institutions have reached an interim consensus on a set of EU regulations that will burden crypto companies with the obligation to help prevent money laundering, among other illicit activities potentially involving digital assets. The progress comes as the Union seeks to comprehensively regulate the continent’s cryptocurrency market. EU Officials and Lawmakers Agree on AML […]

So this cycle we had DeFi, NFTs and Metaverse. What’s gonna be the big hype for the next cycle?

With a full blown bear market I'm not expecting any big moves up and new trends in Crypto for quite a while now. But definitely during the next cycle, whenever it comes this year or next or afterwards, we will have new trends that will be seen just as NFTs and DeFi are seen now.…
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Korean Family Suicide Related to LUNA Crash : Stay safe, everyone

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Basel Committee wants to limit banks' digital asset exposure to just 1% of equity

Volatile cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin would also be subjected to a 1,250% risk premium.

Bitcoin nears worst monthly losses since 2011 with BTC price at $19K

Bitcoin price action will seal monthly losses over 40% for the first time in 11 years if it closes at $19,000.

OP Crypto launches $100M fund to back early-stage crypto VCs

Targeting a hard cap of $100 million, the OP FoF I fund is expected to close by the end of Q3, OP Crypto’s COO Lucas He said.