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PayPal Can Freeze Your Crypto Assets

Even though Paypal’s new USD stablecoin has been deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, it does not mean it’s decentralized. Several people online have dug into the code of the coin’s smart contract and found some alarming things such as PayPal holding the ability to reverse transactions, freeze user assets, coins can be freely minted/ burned…
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Dogecoin Millionaire’s Fortune Fell From $3M to $50,000 But He Hasn’t Lost the Faith

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Chainlink (LINK) Spikes 6% On The Weekly Chart As Market Sees Correction

The crypto market cap has declined over 1% in the last 24 hours, transmitting losses across the market. Top coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken the hit, losing 3% and 4% of their past week’s gains, respectively.  However, Chainlink (LINK) resisted the prevailing bearish market forces amid this onslaught, holding 6.51% gains on the weekly chart. Also, the token has recorded a 1.68% price increase in the last 24 hours.  Related Reading: Will Bitcoin Drop To $20,000? EURUSD Correlation Indicates It Might Amid the upturn, LINK has broken past the $7 price mark; could it ride the prevailing bullish waves to record new highs? Let’s find out.   ChainLink’s Daily Active Addresses Hits A 2-Month High  LINK’s price uptick comes amid a significant increase in active unique addresses on the network. Data from leading on-chain analytics firm Santiment shows that Chainlink’s unique addresses exceeded 3,900 for the first time since July 21.  Furthermore, this uptick indicates increased network activity and engagement, reflecting the rising community interest and involvement. Moreover, increasing unique active addresses is often synonymous with increased usage and adoption of the network’s native token, LINK. And this could be seen in the increase in LINK’s market value over the past seven days.  In addition, an update on Chainlink adoption shows four of the network’s services integrated across six different chains. These chains include Arbitrum, Avax, BNB Chain, Etherem, Optimism, and Polygon.  Again, these integrations further reflect a wider usage of the LINK token and increased participation in the Chainlink ecosystem. It shows that more people are adopting Chainlink, exerting a higher buying pressure on LINK, a plausible explanation for the ongoing price uptick. Chainlink (LINK) Breaks The $7 Resistance; What’s Next? The daily LINKUSD chart below suggests that LINK is gearing up to hit $8 as it conquers critical barriers while buy pressure remains high. After posting notable gains over the past eight days, LINK trades above two key support levels, $5.72 and $6.595. The token’s price oscillated between these key price levels from mid-August to September 18.  Meanwhile, all this time, LINK traded below two critical points, the 200-day and 50-day moving averages ($6.488 and $6.706), before a sharp spike pushed it above $6.8. It maintained the momentum through the past few days, breaking the $7.00 barrier, and now targets the $7.8 resistance level. Related Reading: Is Terra Classic Planning For USTC To Be Pegged To The Dollar Again? LINK now trades above the 50 and 200-day price levels, indicating a strong bullish momentum in the market. If the ongoing buy frenzy continues, LINK could reclaim the year-high of $8.898, recorded on November 7, 2022. And if the buying strength continues to increase, the token could even set a new record high in the coming days. However, while LINK has regained over 21% of its past month’s gains in the ongoing rally, the token remains 9% down from its year-high, and he bulls must increase momentum for the token to reclaim this level. Featured image from Pixabay and chart from

Wash trades account for 50% of the NFT sales on Ethereum and flood Blur marketplace

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SBF cost one UK investor over $2m USD (£1.7m GBP)

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Amazon invests $4 billion Anthropic AI startup

Amazon and the AI startup Anthropic have entered into an investment agreement that invests $4 billion into the start-up to develop high-performing foundation models.

Digital Yuan app adds prepaid Mastercard VISA top-ups for tourists

The Digital Yuan app now allows tourists to top-up e-CNY wallets with Mastercard & VISA payment with ‘recharge first and use later’ option.

Binance exit aftershock: Can one resignation tip the crypto trust scales?

The announcement of yet another top figure departing Binance coincided with an increased outflow of funds from the crypto platform. But can one executive resignation really have such an impact?

MicroStrategy buys $147M worth of Bitcoin, now holds 158K BTC

MicroStrategy bought the latest Bitcoin stash at an average price of $27,053 per BTC, or 9% lower than the average purchase price of its entire BTC purchase.

The IRS Bounty on Monero

People still mention the $625K bounty the IRS posted to crack Monero's privacy. A lot of misinfo is still being posted about it, but here are the facts. It's important to note that there were two $625K contracts awarded, one to Chainalysis, and one to Integra FEC. These contracts were completed in 2021, they're now…
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