Are there any really-traceable cryptocurrencies?

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Are there any really-traceable cryptocurrencies?

Im thinking of like how ppl complain that they don't know where their tax dollars are being spent. What if there was a cryptocurrency where you could buy it and transfer to the government and then when they spend it (as this currency as opposed to fiat), its really easy to see where your specific dollars are going.

Oh .032034 of my crypto went to this school system and was used on chalk. 0.0323444 was used for a salary payment. 0.0230234 was used to pay this legal feel, etc. And then if it gets transferred multiple times like paid to this school district which was used to buy chalk, its still traceable all the way down.

I know bitcoin is not totally "private" and there are other crypto's which are more private monero? but is there a coin going in the other direction? Prioritize traceability.

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